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Want to congratulate a couple on their engagement? If you don't want to send flowers and a bottle of champagne like everyone else, this is the perfect gift!


This luxury box includes items that ladies and gentlemen will both enjoy!


Champagne Gummies - These don't contain alcohol but they are the perfect mix of celebration and sweet.

Instant Mimosa  Sugar Cubes - Create a signature mimosa or spice up a non-alocholic drink! 

Ring Holder - This ring holder is almost as nice as the ring that will go on it (kidding!). A new ring needs its own special place to be safely placed for chores and beauty routines etc.

Wick and Bloom Candle - This 100% soy candle isn't full of terrible stuff like parabens and also smells amazing - we promise guys and gals will love it.


Every Brom + Joy Box has an impact! This particular box:

- Supports 5 small businesses 


The Sweet Couple gift box comes with crinkle paper, topped with a ribbon color of your choice, Congratulations! Tag and a personalized hand written note.


The Sweet Couple