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How to host a virtual event that is actually fun

1. Have a set timeline or script

You don’t want awkward moments in your virtual event or to make people feel like this is just another pandemic Zoom call. The recommended timeframe is no longer than 90 minutes, this is about the maximum amount of time people can be well engaged virtually.

2. Have ice breakers

Ice breakers are a great way to get conversations going when people don’t organically start conversations like they would in person. There are a lot of great icebreakers you can find on the internet. A tried and true favorite of ours is to have people share their favorite item in the house and explain why. This can be tailored to the event – for a holiday event, show off your favorite decoration. Another favorite is to show off the most useless or unique item in the kitchen – this one always gets laughs!

3. Host breakout sessions

One of the greatest losses of in person events is the side conversations and relationships that are formed or nurtured. Breakout sessions, which are a feature in many virtual platforms are a great way to facilitate people getting to know one another. The experts at Brom + Joy recommend a maximum of 10 call ins per breakout session. It is also important you appoint a leader for each breakout session who can help facilitate the discussion.

4. Have a moderator

Just as important as a timeline and script is a moderator. The moderator is key to moving the event along, helping solve any technical problems. Perhaps the most important power the moderator has is to mute everyone! There is always one or two people who can’t find the mute button (the worst is when they are typing furiously!). Moderators are important especially when different people are speaking or sharing throughout the event.

5. Play games

There are a few games that can be really fun for a virtual event. We love BINGO, but not a normal BINGO game where numbers are called, but instead make cards with buzzwords that will likely be said throughout the event. For a wedding shower you could do: ring, ceremony, wedding day etc. As words are said, the attendees will check off the boxes until they get BINGO! BINGO is a great option because BINGO cards can be mailed or emailed to attendees prior to the event.

6. Send gift boxes – “Event in a box”

Gifts boxes for the virtual event make people feel connected and that there is value in attending the event. Snacks, something to make a special beverage, décor and a favor or “wow” gift can really make people feel as though the event is special and not just another virtual call. Gift box design, planning and logistics can be completely outsourced to Brom + Joy.

In addition to virtual event in a box gifts, Brom + Joy can provide consulting services on how to properly execute a virtual event that all guests will enjoy!

Example of an "Event in a Box" from Brom + Joy. Check out ready to ship and custom options at

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