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5 Ways to Make Employees Feel Seen with Gifting

1. Give gifts on non-typical holidays

Do you remember the scene in Christmas vacation where Clark Griswald gives a gift to his boss and sets in a huge pile of gifts? The holidays are a great time for giving but there are SO many gifts during that time of year, which can make it hard for the gift to be memorable. Brom + Joy has an amazing holiday collection that isn’t another mug with hot chocolate mix. We love curating special Christmas gifts but also love encouraging clients to try something like a New Year’s Gift. Why not send a gift when the bustle of the holidays settles? A New Year’s gift can emphasize a new year and a fresh start. Another idea is to gift all the moms on your payroll something for Mother’s Day. Gifts should make you stand out!

2. Give a welcome gift on first day

The book, The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath has great ideas on how to inspire people in the workplace. One of my favorite ideas from the book was making the first day for a new employee special. Heath tells of a story, many of us are familiar with. You arrive at a company on your first day and it seems like no one expected you to arrive that day, someone plops you in an empty cube and gives you a checklist of training to complete. Nothing about that makes you feel welcome or like a valued team member. The book gives an example of John Deere providing a thoughtful welcome gift and message to employees, “this is some of the most important work you will do in your life.”

3. Thoughtful gifts for a job well done

Gifting for a President’s Club is almost expected, but what about a thoughtful gift at the conclusion of a big project? Did someone on your team come up with an amazing strategy? Perhaps gift them a nice chess set! If someone did an amazing job listening to a client and solving their problem, maybe gift an on-theme speaker or luxury headphone set. If someone burnt the midnight oil to get a proposal or project across a finish line, perhaps gift them an Ember mug that keeps coffee eternally warm!

4. Gifts for big events

If your company undergoes a big re-org or maybe makes debuts on the stock market, that is absolutely an occasion for gifting. Gifting should be on theme with the new brand or changes implemented. In 2022 we are a big of welcome back to the office gifts to ease that transition. If your company is staying fully remote, consider gifting for a virtual event. If an event is hosted virtually there is savings on the venue, snacks and coffee etc. The event can quickly become memorable by mailing snacks, coffee and other fun items directly to participants.

5. Avoid branded swag

What happens to most branded swag? It gets thrown out or put in a junk drawer. Branded swag is even hard to donate, who wants a branded polo or tote bag second hand? Not most people. Brom + Joy will help you curate useful and well love gifts. If branding is important, we can design tasteful ways to add your branding that are not run-of the mill. Throw out any ideas of a branded stress ball with Brom + Joy!

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